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Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Hello everyone!

My name is Natalia Barnat, just moved to Den Haag from Warsaw, and I’m really happy about starting Industrial Design Engineering course this year.

In general I’m very keen on arts and new technologies, especially when merged together. I like using different media to discover new things or broaden my knowledge concerning extremely important issues like greatest cars or modernist architecture. Searching for connections between different subjects and fields is definitely my thing, and that’s what design means to me.

My mother used to complain that I’m always late because it shows my disrespect and means that I don’t care. Actually, I really do care about this studies, and as Carl Sagan said “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”, but I’ll work on it!

When it comes to superpowers, I have a characteristic that may be called so or used as one. I’m a good observer, and I scan everything around me, trying to deeply understand the environment, people and situations. I’d recommend everyone to try it, because it makes life easier, more exciting and joyful.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our Split United blog, have a nice time!


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viva la bavaria

hello, or “servus” as we say in bavaria.

i´m hannes 21 years old and as stated above from germany. as far as I remember, i was always intrested in design at all but never had the right amount of courage trying to study it. on the other hand i´m able to look back on some years of experience in the petrochemical industry and as a physiotherapist. but finally i´m here, right in the middle of the netherlands and trying it. what else is still to be said? my superpower? i would say i stay calm in almost every situation, except big crowds, which sound pretty weird i guess. what i´m doing in my spare time? well, there´s perhaps my biggest passion, called rock climbing. why would you want to climb a rock? what if you fall. at the least you may get a few scratches. maybe break a bone or two or crack open your head like an egg. there wouldn’t be much left of you if you did. so why do it? definitely for the thrill and the exhilaration! it´s just an incredible experience when you´re facing the crux. but before i run off the topic i better come to an end. furthermore i love records, food,water,noise, hecticness…

stay tuned for more news about our project!

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Anton as a blogger

OrO22r3uR-EHi there everyone! 

I am Anton from Ukraine and just started first year in The Hague Uni of applied sciences on industrial design and engineering. I am the guy who likes mixing totally different things, creating my own stuff, cooking and tasting new things; great fan of nice soul and loud base music, beautiful nature and minimalism (simple but multifunctional) in everything!

I am from Kiev and I spent last year in the Great Britain, Cornwall. I used to spent lots of time in the workshops messing around with laser-cutter, engravers and different tools for metal processing, wood curving etc. I adore drawing different shapes and creating my own ones. I also like to spent time doing practical mathematics and physics tasks. So I decided to continue engineering road of whole my family and to push my own creative design line.
By the way I also had experience in volunteering and working with people as a member of Ukrainian scout organisation.

As a personality I am quite straight in saying what I want to and I definitely like to reach my goal even if it is usually quite messed up.
I am kind of easy-going person so if you need good ideas and efficient work feel comfortable to contact me! :)

Good luck, people :)

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Manda, just Manda.

Manda MatulicWhenever I introduce myself people ask me “Manda? Just Manda or is it Amanda?” and I answer “Manda, just Manda.” and then I start to tell my story. Now, here it is:

I was born in Berlin, but actually my parents are from Croatia and Poland. So, here’s the clue – Manda is a really old Croatian name! And yes, I speak Croatian fluently, as well as German, English and also a bit of Polish and French. But let’s come to the interesting part – why am I here?

Like the most of my fellow students I am really interested in design, especially product design as well as interior design, but that’s not everything – I’m a visionary, that’s my superpower! I have the vision to make a better life for people. And that doesn’t mean that I have to make universal peace – but it starts with the small things and you can go for it in every situation you face. Let me tell you some examples:

I did an apprenticeship with IKEA Germany as Designer for Visual Marketing and worked as Interior Designer subsequently for two years until now. So, my job was to plan and implement the roomsettings at IKEA and offer inspiring but also clever home furnishing solutions to the people – and I loved it! Actually, I didn’t do anything that will help to fight starvation or that will heal diseases, but in the end I could help people to make their life smarter, easier and much more beautiful as well. What I like about the job and especially IKEA is their vision to “create a better everyday life for the many people by offering affordable solutions”, because I can totally identify with it.

So, that was about my profession, but for real there’s another thing I am into! Some of you already know it – I am a member of the German Scout Association for over twelve years now and that’s one of the most amazing things I ever did. It is not only connected to my vision – it created my vision! So, let me explain. There is a quotation from Sir Robert Baden Powell, Founder of the World Scout Association – he said: “Leave the world a little better than you found it.” And that’s it, that’s the principle I live by, that’s me.

Manda, just Manda.

Manda's superpower

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Meet a perfectionista

Hi everyone,Esmée Messemaker

I’m Esmée Messemaker, 17 years old, from the Netherlands and at the start line of an amazing lifetime.

And why is that so? Well I just started the course Industrial Design Engineering and I am very confusiastic about everything we’re going to learn.

During my years on high school in the Netherlands I was a shorttrack speed skater. I trained 8 times a week and skated a lot of competitions, last March I skated my last competition which was the European Championships. But for the upcoming years my focus will be on the University so speed skating will have to slip away for a while.

I’m ready for all the new challenges ahead and want to work with full power and excitement. As a perfectionist I always want to finish the assignments I started. I work precise and organized and want to get all out of the project. Although I still have to learn a lot. It’s important to accept the feedback I get and work with it. By doing so I will be able to expand my knowledge and make my projects even more successful.

English course as a Dutchie

Expanding my knowledge is also one of the main reasons why I choose the international course and not the Dutch program. During the IDE courses I’ll learn to corporate with international people, I’ll know more about different cultures and it will be easier to communicate and work with clients from abroad later in life. I’m also not afraid to take on challenges which made the decision for the English program even easier.

I hope to meet many kind and inspirational people during my years on the Hague University of Applied Science and I’m looking forward to all the new exciting projects.

Bring it on!


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Kalvis Superpower


My name is Kalvis Jānis Kuciņš, but I don’t expect everybody to be able to pronounce it. I’m a second year student  who is doing this course again – this time I will do it right. Anyway back to topic, besides my awesome skills at drawing characters of all “species”, I also enjoy crafting stuff just straight out of my imagination, running with the speed of light till I feel I will collapse and drop on the ground dead – that part may be a bit exaggerated, but seriously I like jogging. Moving on! What I really enjoy doing in Hague is taking my awesome mountain bike (painted with flames so it looks like I go fast) and going through streets of Hague with the speed of 35 km/h (I have an app that tracks it). Hollands bike roads are excellent for this.  The feeling of air crushing against your face combined with the breathless moments and your numb legs – its amazing, makes me always feel alive. The adrenaline rushing through your bloodstream not only increases your reaction speed, but also makes you nervous (just the right amount) enough to be careful not to crash in to the next car along the way.

I wished that my superpower would be an actual superpower that would be discovered in a totally unexpected way like Hiro Nakamura did it in Heroes (the series will continue by the way). Unfortunately, we don’t live in Hogwarts (I would just like to insert randomly “Go Slytherin!” while we are on the subject) and only wizard I will be is Tech Support Wizard for my team. So, my superpower is – wait for it –  public speaking?  Yup, who would have guessed it? ( I certainly wouldn’t). Besides all my other lame and awesome qualities and skills this one takes the spot as my super power. I don’t know how it came to happen, but I’m just good at public speaking? Is it trained skill, gift or stupid luck? Who knows, but I posses this superpower and I stand tall and proud for it. I just hope my superpower is in the right bottom corner of a bell curve – those who have ever taken a statistics class and didn’t sleep through it, you might know what I’m talking about. I couldn’t say I’m good enough of a public speaker to teach to other people, but I think I can give some tips. To think of it sometimes I’m more of a comedian then a public speaker, but ,hey its not about what you say – its about the message you spread across! (even if its happens to be funny)

Today we will learn how to speak in public. First step: Cast a spell to make yourself a better public speaker.

For my plans on future, I can’t say much. My life is a box of chocolates – I never get what I expect to get and thats what keeps it interesting. For now, my only goal is to enjoy student life while it last (Whats there not to enjoy? – you spend all day drawing and building projects, its awesome) and after its over we’ll see where the roads come across. Besides after I finish my studies I can say to people “Trust me I’m an Industrial Design Engineer” (the “Engineer” part will be said in slightly higher voice tone). My short long plans could be to get through this module (God, It’s only second week and I’m so tired….). Trying to pass 2 project classes and 3 other classes is not an easy task, but I’m up for the challenges. At the End – I shoot for the stars, lets hope I don’t hit the moon!



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