Week 7: Rehearsal Presentation & Production

Week of October 12, 2015

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by i a walsh: http://flickr.com/photos/ivanwalsh/4489002140/

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by i a walsh: http://flickr.com/photos/ivanwalsh/4489002140/

Learning objective

  • Students can improve and finalize their solution for the NGO project and demonstrate these findings in a live presentation.
  • Each team can explain their idea in 2 minutes and can combine with the other groups to make a professional plan of approach.
  • Teams can demonstrate how the several groups and work together efficiently to plan and create the final making of the video.

Rehearse, find the best fit with the other groups, and plan who will do what and by when. Since there is a Fall vacation next week, teams must plan now and prepare well.


Teamwork Activity

Each group has decided on what advice they will give the NGO. You have discussed your idea via your storyboard, you made this better during class and are ready to do a short presentation. You should come prepared, but also to write down the feedback you get from others so you can make it better. Decide amongst the groups who will work on the introduction and final closing words after you have combined the different sets of advice into one video (after the vacation break). Rehearse the intro and final word as well.

Practice the Final video = 1-2 min intro + X (2min group advice) + 1-2 minute final word

Personal Blog Reflection Prompt

Show us your final group storyboard and explain briefly your part in this exercise. What did you contribute? What challenged you? What, if anything, would you do differently?

Week 7 Tasks

Team Project Leader

Responsible for:

  • Manage effective and efficient workflow.
  • Track tasks (completed, pending, etc.)
  • Ensure balanced team effort, making sure that everyone has a valuable input/production.

Week 7 Activities:

  • Organize a final rehearsal presentation. Invite your tutor to rehearsal.
  • Get a “GO” from your tutor on the final video text and storyboard before you begin final production.
  • Get a team decision on who will speak during the video. If you use more students, make sure the sound level transitions are smooth.
  • Be responsible for all spelling and grammar checks on the video script

Client Services

Responsible for:

  • Initiate and manage communication between the team, tutor, Nancy/Alan & NGO (voice at hangouts/skype sessions).
  • Ensure knowledge about the NGO is shared between team members, between the various teams working on the same NGO.

Week 7 Activities:

  • Hangout or Skype with your NGO (or Nancy/Alan)to check your final advice. Make any last minute adjustments.
  • Check to make sure the total advice makes sense and includes some means to measure if the intervention is meeting client goals.


Responsible for:

  • Visually and/or textually document the design process, including the challenge being addressed, client information, weekly accomplishments, and remaining tasks.

Week 7 Activities:

  • Fine-tune the video text with other documentarians.
  • Fine-tune the storyboard with other documentarians.
  • Provide all the needed content (images, video, audio collected during previous weeks) to the video production team.

Technology Steward

Responsible for:

  • Help select and set up technical tools to support your teamwork, especially the team blog .
  • Technically set up and support hangouts/skype meetings.
  • Provide technical support to your team members.

Week 7 Activities:

  • Consider the overall multi-team presentation. Review the different teams’ advice and map it into a logical sequence. Make sure you have agreement with the Technical Stewards and Production managers from other teams. Document and share the final order of things within the video (perhaps together with team leader?)
  • Decide first with your team what kind of video you want to make.
  • Work with the other teams to decide the overall video approach.

Production Manager

Responsible for:

  • Look for ideas and materials for the final production during the entire 8 weeks of the course.
  • Assist in identifying useful groups and networks that can be tapped as resources or references for the final video/product.

Week 7 Activities:

  • Work with the technology stewards to determine the final sequence of teams’ advice in the video.
  • Create a production plan for your team’s video. Coordinate the open/close of the overall video production with the other teams’ Production Managers.
  • Keep notes on key production challenges, successes and insights and share those on your team’s blog.
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