Week 1: Introduction to Industrial Design Engineering [open] innovator

September 1-3, 2015
Introduction week – get to know everyone in the NEW Open Innovator 2015

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Learning objective

The students get to know each other and the teachers while experiencing ‘community building’ and gain experience how the IDE program is set up and works.

Topic of the week

We are forming a new community. Why is tapping beyond oneself valuable? How can we use our community as an added aid towards the challenges of global issues?


Read the course guide and be prepared to discuss it in class. Since everyone will get a role to become an expert with specific tasks, you need to be prepared. Each week, one of the “expertise” roles will be asked to prepare one of the coming week’s instructions. Students with that role will discuss what is planned, but only one student from each week theme expertise will be asked to come forward to explain that specific week. Look at this guide and discover your personal preference week.

ngo-drawingEach work team will have the following expert roles (and an x-number of teams make up one NGO group):

  • Team Project Leader
  • Client Services
  • Documentarian
  • Technology Steward
  • Community Manager/ Web Leader

You will decide on these roles next week within your team.

In the week explanations that follow, you will read about the different tasks you must accomplish per week according to the role you choose within your team. You will also be responsible for making these completed tasks visible to both your tutor and your fellow students while you collaborate with other students in your NGO group doing the same task role.

Get to know as many fellow students as possible this week, and find out what kind of role fits each of you best or perhaps look to gain experience in an unfamiliar role.

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