Robótica Educativa


Robótica Educativa offers Robotics and courses for science competitions. Children learn programming, electronics and even 3D printing design to create their own prototypes with the intention of offering solutions to real life problems.

Contact: Cinthia Reyes


I coordinate the gifted children area in Mexico. My starting point is teaching science and robotics. My problem is that LEGO kits are VERY expensive. I have bought from Makeblock and worked with mobile robots along with Arduino, that makes things far more feasible, but what could really make things interesting would be the development of “open” designs for mobile robotics.

See for example Makeblock’s starter kit.

Also, since I have bought from China it is a little bit harder to import.

We use 3d printers. Actually, the robotics school has already grown beyond Mensa and gifted children and today we teach any kind of children. I have founded a non-profit organization for this purpose and the idea is to be able with time to teach outside of my city by means of webex or other online platform. But, kids must be able (or their parents) to access an affordable kit.