International Water Foundation


The IWF is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. What is different about it is that it wants to look at water issues in the world from a multiple-perspective approach, not from a specialized one as is the case with most of the three to four thousand major initiatives in the world on that subject (who are making a good job at being specialized, by the way!).

Contact: Francois Bruley

Francois will be coming to The Netherlands to speak with you on September 23rd and 28th. Please be prepared with questions and evidence of your work.

One of the very strong argument about trying things this new way is that roughly 500 million people per year get help from the various initiatives in the world (figure estimated by the Red Cross in a discussion I had with them), but that this figure has not increased in the past fifteen years, in-spite of constantly more resources dedicated/invested (more money, people, initiatives, …); I say that if we try something new and fail, the worst that will happen is we’ll remain at the status quo, but if we succeed, it will partially bridge over to the remaining two billion humans who don’t have proper access to safe water, that figure rising constantly with population increase (one billion every ten years) and with pollution increase.

You have to know that I want to steer away from an advocacy type of Non-Profit Organization to a Cultural Organization (designation I’m working on with the UN) centered around the care for water. I’m also open to collaboration/team building with other initiatives (yes, I know about how advanced the Netherlands are in this matter; I’ve even been offered offices in Amsterdam by the water partnership there, but never assembled the other required sums to stay independent). The legal structure of the IWF will eventually change if we need to move from Canada, especially considering that I want to set things up so that 100% of funds from the public will be dedicated to specific programs while corporate or government contributions would cover administration costs.


My challenge is that the IWF has remained at the level of project since few people are interested in an integrally-informed perspective.

Our proposed actions are innovative: building a public database of all water initiatives in the world, research on ecological desalination (a MAJOR technological solution for the near future as a lot of coastal cities are signing with Siemens and General Electric for 2030-2040, but five areas of pollution remain unattended), etc…

The project will focus on designing a social media strategy to share the enthusiasm for (and worth of) water from a human culture angle, as opposed to convince from an advocacy agenda.

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