NGO Partners

The following NGOs are working with us to provide projects for students groups.

Stahili Foundation

Stahili Foundation

Giving Children A Future They Deserve Stahili Foundation is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that combats child exploitation and poverty and promotes sustainable change in rural Kenya through a commitment to education, communities,...
Tiny House Intentional Communities

Tiny House Intentional Communities

A Tiny House is defined as a livable structure, generally on wheels, and under 250 square feet in size. There are many motivations for tiny house living; no or low mortgage, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, self sufficiency, flexibility. The...
Robótica Educativa

Robótica Educativa

Robótica Educativa offers Robotics and courses for science competitions. Children learn programming, electronics and even 3D printing design to create their own prototypes with the intention of offering solutions to real life problems. Contact: ...
Constru Casa

Constru Casa

Constru Casa is a non-profit organization in Guatemala that aims to improve the quality of life among Guatemalans living in extreme poverty through the provision of basic housing, support programs and community development projects related to health...
International Water Foundation

International Water Foundation

The IWF is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. What is different about it is that it wants to look at water issues in the world from a multiple-perspective approach, not from a specialized one as is the case with most of the three to...

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