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All in all, I eventually wanted to reflect on our overall group achievement that found a very positive outcome in my opinion. I thought it would be appropriate to write it in the section ‘team work’, even though this blog entry was one of the first, a time where we barely knew each other. It also gives me a way to realize our progress in group collaboration: The team communication was a bit erratic in the very beginning, due to confusion and lack of personal knowledge about the other group members, as in the end of this project the collaboration within the group improved. The test that Vicky posted in this blog was therefore actually a really decisive approach to explore personalities of those with whom you will work with for a few couple of weeks. And indeed I think it might have had its benefits, because we quickly realized the talents of each of us and distributed corresponding tasks to individual preferences, which gave the team certain guidance for an efficient outcome. Referring to the past, it is great to see that we improved in the group dynamics, and that we finally created a well-presentable video.


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