Reflection week 8

We are finishing up project community and what a ride it has been. The process was like a rollercoaster in the dark with it’s ups and down and we had no idea where we were going. Sometimes the teamwork went well and other times we got stuck. When we got stuck it was like being in a room without windows and the lights out, searching for the light switch to get the lightbulb glowing. Sometimes we found the switch pretty fast so we could back on track quickly, but sometimes we didn’t find the switch as fast and we couldn’t go forward anymore.

We decided pretty early into project community that we, as the three separate groups work together. This had it’s pros and cons. It meant that we had more man power to make one bigger and better project, but it would also mean that when working with a bigger group you always have the lesser heard. This means that a couple of people dominated the conversation and the other didn’t add as much anymore. This can be solved by splitting into smaller group and discussing the ideas in the smaller group and then let one person of each group discuss the best ideas of their group, we certainly did this, but I think that we didn’t do it enough.

From al these ups and downs at least we’ve learned that teamwork is key, but working in a bigger group isn’t always better. If you first split in smaller groups or even individually you can get more different ideas into one bigger group. The most important thing of the course is teamwork, but remember bigger isn’t always better.

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