Final reflection from Mate

Dear all,

These nine weeks have been passed so quickly, but the knowledge what I have acquired will stay with me, I believe. I have learned many things about myself and about group works. From now on I know, one of the most important aspect of working together is the flexibility and helpfulness and to motivate each other.

My biggest challenge during the project was to manage my time properly and able to meet the deadlines.           I hadn’t got free days, because of work, so at the end of the project I had to edit the video during the night till morning. It was a big pressure, but finally everything worked out! My biggest highlights were, when I saw the final video, and prior to that the last filming day, when we recorded the final sights, because everything went smooth thanks to the good communication and flexibility. :)



I would like to say thank you for this great opportunity to Nancy White, Alan Levine, Laura Stevens, Marjanne Cuijpers and for the other tutors of the course!

A big thanks to my group as well: Emilio, Greog, Sandra, Abel, Alisa, Esmée, Anton, Manda, Edvinas.



Mate – Documentarian

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