Why don’t you RSA that!?

rsaanimate1RSA ANIMATE….a little bit of history!

Our movie will be based on the whiteboard style knowledge visualisation that RSA is renown for. RSA animate was first popularised by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (hence the name RSA); a British non-profit dedicated to promoting theoretical and conceptual thinking. Starting in late 2009, RSA began to produce animates which were ‘hand-drawn’ in tandem with an audio file explaining an important theory or concept. This technique deemed to be extremely attractive and hence valuable for it gained the attention of millions of viewers online.

We decided to follow this tract for our video as it is not only informative but also interesting for the viewer to watch. Instead of flooding our audience with raw information we are providing them with visuals which will not only better help them understand our solution but also increase the uptake of the information. Furthermore, we were instructed by our tutor that our  proposition video should be multifunctional, also serving as a marketing campaign video.

So how are these videos made…?

This is exactly the same question that our group(s) asked when the RSA-style illustrations were being considered. We were a little worried that the skills required for such a video were not within the realm of our technical expertise ( no offense Kalvis, you are an awesome Technology Stewart 😀 )

The early animations were speeded-up camera recordings of live drawings. This means that person a would film person b doing live drawings. Although this might not seem very complicated is definitely requires much more precision and skill than now a days.

With today’s technology the process of animation has become far more refined; combing the art of drawing, filming, editing and computer animation all into one. Instead of having to draw everything ‘right’ the first time around (no pressure at all), technology has enabled us with the possibility to edit mistakes out of final works.

A widespread method of producing such videos is having the artist or artists in our case draw the animates first, and then shooting the hand erasing the line.The footage is then reversed, or run backwards to deliver the appearance of the comic being drawn flawlessly the first time.

  1. Here is an example from one of my favourite series!

The other (less fantastical) method is creating a digital sketch, which has the advantage of allowing the client to command refinements of the animation or movie sequence at any time in the process but the disadvantage of it looking less realistic. This method creates the same hand drawn images but without the hand as a prop (because it is  green-screened), making it look like an invisible wand is doing all the drawing.

    2. Here is an example of the other method:

Thats it for today folks….More to come soon!


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