Final Presentation Preperations

This week is the final week where we as a group were able to come up with a solid concept for the final video presentation. We were able to build on the idea of having an animated version of draw my life video. Along with the ‘Tiny Innovators’ our team ‘Found in Transition’ was able to collaborate and come up with a strong concept and output. It was an interesting journey as we saw how we progressed and were able to put our main idea of hosting workshops and raising funds across. We think we are successful in bringing the message across to our audience. We also have the final text and story board which we can base our video on. The video is coming along really well and we will be done soon.

During this week discussions and a good amount of collaboration along with the other Tiny House team took place. A productive skype call with Shorty our mentor in U.S.A Florida was held and we were able to show her the intro video and she approved it. Once our part of the video is completed we will merge the video with the other team and be able to combine both of them. Preparations for the final presentation are also taking place simultaneously.

As we are approaching the end of the module, we as a group feel that we’ve come a long way. Throughout the weeks we had our ups and downs, but they didn’t stop us on working and moving forward. We learned not only how to work as a group, but also how to listen and accept our cultural differences. This journey definitely has not been an easy one, but it made us stronger not only as a group but also as individuals.

This is a picture of our video in progress:


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