Last hangout with nancy


It was a shame we had difficulties recording the video as there was something wrong with our internet. However all the answers are kept in our head and we would love to share it with you. The last tips and advice she handed us to end this project with success!

We told her about our problem which was that we had a hand full of information of our solution to chose from and asked how could we cramp all of it in the video. Well the answer was that just make sure you highlight the main points. The layer of the onion. She mentioned that it is also impossible to put in all the details of our solution in the video. So she said it is not mandatory to put in all just fit the most vital points in. And its okay if you leave the rest of your information on your blog or your report. She even said the transition of the video is important! The part where each group connects. She said make sure it has a good transition as in make it clear that the next solution is coming by a different group. And use a enthusiastic voice!

A huge tip she threw to us was to add links of the blog and your report to your video. As the report is a continuation to the video. A more explicit copy. We also ask about the conclusion and she said put in ‘what have you learned’. So please feel free to use these last pieces of advice to form your final video. Good luck!

And finally i would like to give a huge thank you to Nancy for guiding us the entire journey!


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