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Everyone seems to be quite stressed out and that might be the first thing to say about the video-making experience. Obviously it’s because everybody wants to do one’s best and finally finish the project with which we’ve been struggling for the past eight weeks. Step by step, following the production plan, we are getting closer to our goal.

We already had the basis: storyboard and narration audio, but the real challenge was about to start: designing sketches and graphics for the video and the post-production processes – editing, adding sound and checking if everything went as good as we wanted.

I think that the key to successful video production is to prepare a complex plan and to keep in mind that there’s always something that may go wrong. What we’ve learned during last weeks is that cooperation and communication between teams is really crucial, as it became much easier since we started to work together with The Ducks.

As for now, the double team is still working on the video itself. Hopefully we all would see the full effect of some people’s sleepless nights and hard work on the final presentation.

See you then, and good luck with production to other teams!

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