Producing our video

This week we have been creating our video to present to our NGO for our final presentation. We started collecting ideas in the previous weeks leading up to this week, so we already had a theme and a plan of action. In our Monday class we sat down with all three groups and decided on the direction of our video; we decided to link our ideas in a creative way which kept the theme consistant throughout. Below is a screen shot of our presentation theme, we chose to link all our ideas using robots. Each idea is assigned to a different robot and the introduction and conclusion will also have one too. The large robot at the end will overlook all 3 ideas and will be our closing statement for our NGO.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.57.31

In the previous week we created the first draft of our video, which was beneficial in that we encountered problems which we learnt to overcome. For example, the first problem was matching the sound with the image, as Prezi does not allow you to record sound. Therefore we had to figure out a way of recording our Prezi then overlaying our sound, so we used a screen sharing programme which allowed us to flick through our presentation but record it to make it into a youtube video. But then we faced another problem as the quality of the programme wasn’t satisfactory so it produced a video that was lagging and it didn’t look professional. So does anyone know a good screen sharing programme? One thing we did finalise this week is our script; we tried to keep it simple yet informative, and we wanted to only include the main sections of our proposal as we only had a limited amount of time. Below is our first draft of the video, the themes will be completely different but the content and images will be the same, check it out and let us know what you think!

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