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During the past weeks we have been working with Robotica Educativa to try to help them get all the products they want to those who doesn’t have much money. We have studied different ways in which people could use for the advantage of their business, but what the process with project community has really teach me is how to work in groups.

Initially we worked in a team of 5, unfortunately my communication with my team members in the beginning was not enough, I think this lead us to a misunderstanding point where they thought I didn’t care about the project (maybe not!) while I thought I was being excluded, which is why I worked on my own. I take the experience to learn that groups do not necessary have to be the best friends to carry on a well-done work, sometimes it just requires time to understand how each other work.

When I started working with the group more closely I realized that some members of group have incredible individual strengths such as drawing which could help us a lot for the final video. It made me realized that for the next time I work on groups I should give it all the time necessarily to understand each other and to make sure there are no more misunderstanding between us.

Daniel Serrano Martin

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