This is the last week of module 1 which we actually started working on our video. Unfortunately, one of our group mates quitted the program and we end up with four people in our group. This actually brought a big challenge to our group to get over with the work and dividing the tasks between four of us instead of five! This week we started making the video and we are still busy and focused on recording and drawing our final video. We also decided on making a new storyboard which would convey our final idea much better to the viewer as our previous storyboard was a bit vague and not clearly showed the message. Our final script which we wrote last week is a big help for us in recording session of the video. These, storyboard and script, actually help us a lot to organize our ideas and put them into a final video indeed. We distributed the tasks for video editing to Daniel and Li jing, Liu does the drawing as he is very talented in drawing, and I am in charge of writing the introduction and the conclusion of our video. I am also going to be the spokesperson and going to voice over the video! I am actually going to tackle this big challenge of speaking as fast as possible while introducing the cure of our idea to our NGO.

our new storyboard!
our new storyboard!

In my opinion, our team work this week was the best. All group members knew their tasks and were busy working on their tasks during project community class. The most important thing is our collaboration while everybody does a different task. We all very appreciate to help each other and make sure none is struggling with his or her tasks. As we were three groups with 3 different ideas for our NGO, we tried to make one storyline out of our 3 ideas and make a report of them to provide to our NGO as well. We are on our way to finishing the video and that means the end of project community. It was a great experience of working in groups, it had ups and downs in teamwork, I think it could have been done a lot better if we have gotten together earlier in previous weeks as well. Also most important group work, decision making, listening to others, tolerating each other, coming up with different ideas and putting it up together and meeting up made this project community a big challenge for me and my groupmates.

In short, wish us LUCK!

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