Reflection week 7

Rehearsal Presentation & Production aka the Final Countdown (week 7)

What we have done this week what’s the progress of the process?

This is the week where we basically need to wrap up everything we’ve been doing till now and put this ‘everything’ in an easily digestible video to advise the Stahili Foundation.

Even if we as a group needed to tackle some challenges in our decision making-process we are still enthusiastic about the end result and the effect we might achieve.  Enthusiastic in that sense we hope to give “our” NGO useful advice that will help to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of the work they’re doing.

With this enthusiastic mood we going into this team adventure of filming a short and informative video for advising the stahili foundation. For this Video we have already prepared the storyboard and we have had a feedback session, where we recognized that we first need to create valuable content (for the NGO) to later be able to visualize it in an catchy, understandable and useful manner. Valuable – what’s that? What we are meaning? Meaning; we recognized we need to improve our WHAT, HOW, WHY  to better make sense of our findings. Hence be able to not only inform the Stahili foundation but also encourage action.

As we worked in a collaborative group with InterHague and considering that we more or less experienced steadily changing sub-groups, we also divided the task for filming the video between all members (of two groups). Just to name it once we split up in Script Writers, Film-Crew, Editing People.

Preparation for the video includes when and where to film the video. Further the materials and devices we are going to need on the spot. Besides patience somebody might bring the storyboard that we actually know what we are doing.

The VIDEO includes the main issues the foundation faces, what we researched during the last weeks and the effects we actually trying to achieve.

The content of the Video in short:

What? Volunteers

why -> be more effective, sustain and expand the impact that they have right now

more donations through efficient work

how -> recruit, manage, support

utilize differents tools and methods to achieve those objectives

What? Fundraising

why? -> build and maintain a better/closer relationship with donors

how? -> showing/visualizing the donors how they contributed to help the children supported

by Stahili

What? Publicity and Communication

why?  -> (enlarge, engage, involve network/community) to have greater impact and secure

future for the children they support at the moment

how?  -> Social Media Schedule, revised brochures, improved style of approach


Enjoy the autumn break!


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