OH MEN! I can finally see the light

This is our last week! And final blog post :( ,  we have mainly focused on filming our presentation for the Stahili foundation, since we are doing a top view recording of the video we had to manage several aspects of the filming,  we have to tackle 3 different areas of the filmmaking : Materials , Script and timetables so the people needed could unite this three to make the video.

We have been struggling with the idea of making the content appealing and so far it has been quite difficult to prepare every shoot.

We have been working together with the other group of our ngo to unite forces into the filmmaking and thinking about the bigger picture. ohhh yeah

What went well? so far we have managed to record half of script video recording, we think we are on a good path and the result of what we have recorded looks good.

What didn`t went well : we struggle with time management , we planned to start recording on Monday but we didn’t realized the amount of work that the actual filming would take , also getting all the different materials to make the video from different props to light lamps and tripod.

During this filmmaking I basically tried to solve the problems of getting some of the equipment. Professional lamps was a big issue , so during the first day of filming I just searched around university to see if anyone could let us the lamps for filming , during the 3rd day of filming we didn’t had a tripod so we had to make one! we went to the workshop and figured out with a piece of left out wood how to balance the camera and to see the proper shape that we could use to use the camera confortably without breaking the support.

Some major thinking and problem solving was involved as well as asking for external people for equipment.

What have I learned?

we have learned not to take any work for granted , no one is more important than the other , every task is as difficult as the others , just in an different areas. Also , each of us not just sticks to their own role , we exchange , we cant always arrange everything to be perfect , flexibility is key. also working in groups is harder than working on your own , you have to make peace in the battle field.


So , we are excited to see the final result and to see the reaction on our NGO , hope everything goes smooth from now own ( im to positive ) we will see :

good luck

Emilio L.

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