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Seeking Nancy or Alan’s Help?

We cannot remember exactly where our online paths first crossed, but I met Nancy White for the first time at the 2006 Northern Voice Conference in Vancouver (and there is a networked connection story…).

Nancy I have have done a lot of work together and not always together, and Project Community is one of our favorites.

If your team needs help from us, we are available, but you will have to deal with time zone differences and communications technology. Here are some options for you:

  • If you would like to schedule a meeting, note that Nancy is on Pacific Time Zone; Alan normally is too, but from September 17 – October 24 he will be in Eastern or Central Time. That’s terribly complicated! We have a network tool called doodle where you can see our availability converted to your local time and request a time to meet by Skype or Google Hangout. NANCY REALLY PREFERS DOODLE!

Do not hesitate to contact us, but please try and make requests in advance so we can make room on our schedules.

Call us!

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Our First Hangout

Doing our sessions as a Hangout on Air means we automatically get a YouTube archive of the video. Should you ever find yourself bored one evening with nothing to watch on the internet, we have an archive for you.

It was exciting for us to see and hear the #projcomm15 students, and see their creativity already at work on their scoreboards.

And thanks to Shorty Robbins for being part of this too, it really helps for them to meet one of our NGO partners.

Some links mentioned in the session:

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From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals

Dear Students! I can’t wait to “meet” you online next week, but I came across something I think might be useful as you are the first #ProjComm group to explore the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To be honest most of us who work in international development are trying to learn/understand them as well. (And keep reading to the bottom for the infographic!)

A respected communications for development (C4D) newsletter posted this resource today. Normally I’d just add it to our Storify resource, but this was worth sharing in an announcement;


Greetings Nancy

To: Network Participants in The Communication Initiative (The CI) – and subscribers to The Drum Beat and Soul Beat

MDGs to SDGs – the critical journey – a news and social media thread

We are nearing the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the beginning of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Critical review is taking place across the Development Community in advance of the General Assembly 23-25 September. There are significant implications for communication and media for development/social and behavioural change in both the SDGs themselves, and that critical review by the Development community.

To support you keeping in touch with this fast moving analysis we have set up an SDGs news and social media feed. It is selective. Not everything is featured. We are only pulling into this thread items that attract our attention across all perspectives. We will try to put up 5 to 10 new items a day.

Presently in this thread you can find a perspective on the costs, a reality check on education targets, the handing of the SDGs draft to the GA, the UN Foundation video summary, questions from The Rules on How Poverty is created, an observation about universal health coverage, the Economist comparing the SDGs to 10 Commandments (not favourably!), 15 villages and the MDGs, a Guardian graphic explaining the MDG to SDG transition, and more.

Thanks – really appreciated.


Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative
The Communication Initiative platform
LinkedIn (check this URL)

In this newsfeed I found this interesting infographic.

Infographic on the Millennium Development Goals

From the Euractive Newsletter

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Welcome to #ProjComm15

Welcome to #ProjComm15, otherwise known as Project Community. Be prepared to be confused, enthusiastic, surprised, gratified, worked hard and to have fun. And be prepared to make a change in the world, even if it is small.

First, why the # and funny short name? It’s a hashtag. If you include #ProjComm15 in everything you Tweet, blog, Instagram, Facebook and such, we can collect or aggregate it and get a picture of our collective social media activity around the course. In other words, we use the power of social networks.

So here is your first technical tip. Use social media to share what you learn, questions you have and to point others to useful stuff online — and every time you do, use the hashtag #ProjComm15 (and we wrote it deliberately this way to be readable, but it could be written #projcomm15 or #PROJCOMM15 — HaShtAgS ARE CasEInseNsitive). Simple. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go get one, and tweet something you learned from this blog post and tag it. Or share a photo in Instagram or a public status update in Facebook. See what happens!

Networks you say? Yes, networks. Social networks made up of people, often connected using technology. #ProjComm15 is about how you can harness the power of human beings associated in small teams (like the teams you will form for the course), into groups that share a common interest, and the wider, more loosely connected people in open networks, particularly online. You can use that power to become a better industrial designer, and eventually to develop your own practice in the world. You can use it to be always learning and improving as a designer.

In this class, you will use networks to try and help a small NGO (non-governmental organization) do something to make the world a better place. Yes, YOU. For some idea of what this looks like, see these videos from the final projects from #ProjComm14

Did you have a question about the confusion? The hard work? The fun? Leave a comment and we’ll see what happens!

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